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  • The 20th International Microscopy Congress
  • September 25-30, 2022 / BEXCO, Busan, Korea

Unique venue for Social Program

  • Welcome reception at BEXCO prior to congress
  • Organized activities for students and early-career researchers
  • Tour programs for accompanying guests

The social program for the IMC20 provides outstanding networking opportunities and a lot of fun throughout the week. The programs planned for the IMC20 promise delegates a unique perspective on some of the stunning locations of Busan along with a taste of Korean food and Makgeolli (chilled, fermented rice wine).​

The welcome reception will be held on Sunday evening​ prior to the commencement of the congress at BEXCO.​ This will be an excellent opportunity to renew old friendships​ and make new acquaintances as we welcome delegates to​ our city.​

The gala dinner will be a unique opportunity to​ immerse delegates in a social experience for which this city is​ famous - fabulous food and beverages in a beautiful​ and relaxed environment, all in one locale.​

Activities for students and early-career researchers will​ be organized to allow friendships and collaborations to​ grow in an informal relaxed setting.​

Accompanying guests will have the chance to treat themselves​ to an array of optional tours and experience the best that​ Busan can offer.


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