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  • The 20th International Microscopy Congress
  • September 25-30, 2022 / BEXCO, Busan, Korea

Venue: BEXCO (Busan Exhibition and Convention Center)

  • Address) #55 APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan (Postal Code 48060)
  • Tel) 82+51-740-7300
  • Fax) 82+51-740-7320
  • Transportation


Convention Venue

The BEXCO integrated venue design ensures that all facilities, including conference and exhibition space are within close proximity for IMC delegates.
In line with the IFSM site requirements and for optimum delegate flow and integration of activities, we suggest the following spaces for use at BEXCO in 2022.

Convention Venue - Auditorium
  • Main Uses: Plenary lectures by Nobel prize winners and big industry leaders
  • Total Floor Area: 28,790㎡ (Auditorium: 4,766㎡)
  • Total Fixed Seating Capacity: 2,645 seats
Convention Venue - Convention Hall
  • Main Uses
    • 1F - Conferences, seminars and symposiums
    • 2F - Conferences, seminars and symposiums
    • 3F - Large scale conferences, parties and event
Convention Venue - Exhibition Hall
  • Main Uses
    • Exhibition Halls: Exhibitions with poster sessions
    • VIP Day - Special events for society presidents/CEOs/ Steering committee together with microscope industry
  • Meeting room 2F: 8 rooms 3F: 7 rooms
    *Each room can be combined to accommodate various space needs using movable partition walls
Convention Venue - Nurimaru (APEC House)
  • Main Uses
    • Special venue for sponsoring companies, general assemblies, and young scientists
  • 2005 APEC Economic Leader’s Meeting
    • 1F: Outdoor Banquet Space
    • 2F: Conference Room
    • 3F: APEC Memorial Hall


How to get to Busan?

There are two ways to get to Busan. One way is using the Gimhae International Airport(PUS) in Busan, another is Incheon International Airport in Incheon. The duration time between Busan and Incheon Internation Airport is only 45 min.

This map is intended to be a graphical overview of a small portion of the flights connecting to Korea. It does not cover all flights, and some flights may require a connection. All flight times are sourced through each airline’s flight information which offers the shortest flight, as of June 2018.

Airport Countries Cities Flights week
Gimhae International Airport(PUS) 15 41 370
Incheon International Airport(ICN) 45 148 14,000
Easily Accessible by Air
Easily Accessible in Korea
Easily Accessible in Busan


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