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PW2-5 Holotomography: New solution in emerging live bio cell imaging by Tomocube Inc.

Type Half-day Date 10 September (Sun.) Time 09:00-12:30 Place BEXCO

The workshop aims to introduce participants to a new generation of scientific microscopes called holotomography with insightful presentations covering the underlying technology, its technical development, and the advantages that make it a powerful tool to tackle current scientific challenges. Audiences will also be engaged in deeper discussions on a wide range of applications and be inspired to approach their research topics in practical ways.

The majority of microscopy techniques in live cell imaging limit the quantity and quality of information available to researchers, constrain the study of thicker specimens, and even harm the cells during long-term studies. Tomocube provides a ground-breaking solution to overcome these limitations, allowing work with confluent cell sheets, significantly reducing laser-induced speckle noise for enhanced contrast, delivering enhanced levels of fluorescence illumination, and enabling the study of thicker specimens. Tomocube’s high-resolution, high-sensitivity, high-throughput solution was designed to meet the growing demand for live cell imaging tools in the emerging fields of cell therapy, drug development, cell organelle analysis, etc.

[Topics of Interest]
• Label-free, high-resolution 3D imaging of live cells and tissues
• Zero stress 3D time lapse imaging over days
• Image-based quantitative analysis of subcellular compartments: nucleus, lipid droplets, etc.

Organizer : Sumin Lee (Tomocube Inc., Republic of Korea)

Organizer : Eliot Park (Tomocube Inc., Republic of Korea)

Workshop Program

09:00 - 10:30 Session 1
Invited Speaker 1 Holotomography, the Label-Free Technology for 3D Live Cell Imaging

Sumin Lee (Tomocube Inc., Republic of Korea)

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:30 Session 2
Invited Speaker 1 Introducing HT-X1: High-Performance Holotomography (Hands-on)

Eliot Park (Tomocube Inc., Republic of Korea)